Cashiers Historical Society

Mission Statement:
Preserving the heritage of Cashiers Valley through Education, Stewardship, and Advocacy.

The Cashiers Historical Society welcomes visitors and encourages participation in its activities to learn about past life in this beautiful valley and to leave with a better understanding of the Cashiers community.

Founded in 1996, The Cashiers Historical Society has grown to become one of the strongest voices for preservation, civic, and interpretive organizations in Western North Carolina. Visitors and residents of all ages enjoy a wide variety of member sponsored seasonal activities at the Zachary-Tolbert House and Grounds related to a strong sense of the past and a proud community heritage.

Programs offered annually include Academic Symposiums, History Rambles, House Tours, Musical Performances, Founders Day, Heritage Workshops and Demonstrations, Community Preservation Initiatives, Oral Histories and Family Genealogy, Museum Collections and historical artifact projects, and the annual Cashiers Designer Showhouse ™. The Society presents an annual Village Heritage Award to an individual or business that
has preserved an historic site vital to preserving the village character of Cashiers.

Cashiers Valley

The first settlers came to Cashiers Valley in the early 1800s seeking fertile land to homestead. It was not long before the natural beauty and temperate climate began to lure the Southern gentry to the mountains for relief from the oppressive heat of the summer. Boarding with the local families, they spent summer weeks hunting, hiking, and fishing. By the 1920s, Cashiers Valley was becoming one of the most prestigious and sought-after
destinations in the Blue Ridge.

Our Community

The activities of the Cashiers Historical Society encourage people to stop, look, and listen.
A sense of community is strengthened and an appreciation of the heritage of the Cashiers area is kept alive through seasonal activities such as Founders Day, Academic  Symposiums, Oral Histories, Interpretive Exhibits, Historic Site Surveys, Traditional Craft
Workshops & and Demonstrations, and History Rambles.