Founder’s Day

IMG_9910Cashiers Historical Society hosts their 14th annual Founder’s Day Celebration on Thursday, September 28 this year.  Now in its 14th year the Historical Society hosts all 3rd and 4th graders from Blue Ridge and Summit Charter Schools, as well as home schoolers,  for a celebration of the area’s roots, reflecting on life in the 19th century.

Students enjoy a day of activities designed to give them hands on experiences that follow the footsteps of their ancestors including game, arts and crafts, and nature walks where they will enjoy a bit of the area’s unspoiled nature and learn a bit about animal tacks.  

Music and dancing were central to the social life of early settlers so the day will also include a history of early music, particularly that using a washboard.  Necessity is the mother of invention and our ancestors were masters of using every available item for more than one purpose-washboard by day, musical instrument by night. They will also learn about mountain dances, including the timeless art of clogging.

Students bring their lunch and the entire group enjoys a picnic on the beautiful grounds of the Zachary-Tolbert House.

This year the chairperson of the event is Kathy Sanderson and Co-chairs are Gloria Weir and Rogers. Gloria Weir shared the goals of the event “we want them to experience what life was like back them, and that’s why our games and things like that, and everything we do is dated to that time”.

Volunteers from the community and the Historical Society come together to help create this memorable and enjoyable experience for the students. For more information please visit the Historical Society’s website at

Article by Mary Jane McCall, The Laurel Magazine