Colonel John’s Cabin

Colonel Johns Cabin

Photo of the cabin before being moved to our campus.

The early history of the Colonel John’s Cabin is not clear. However, clues can be taken from both documentary and physical evidence. Around 1838, Colonel John A. Zachary of Surry County — the progenitor of the Zachary family in the Cashiers area — acquired a substantial land grant and moved his family to Cashiers. The house site is part of the 640- acre tract that John Zachary deeded to his three youngest sons — Mordecai, Woodward, and Jonathan — in 1846. For several reasons, Mordecai is believed to have been the son who held possession to this portion of the land. In 1892, it was Zachary and his wife, Elvira, who sold six acres of the property to J. L. McGee and R. E. Ligon. Brothers Woodward and Jonathan Zachary are known to have lived elsewhere. And, family stories tell of having to go across the road to cook for the summer people who were staying in the large, two-story home (Col. John’s Cabin) where Mordecai and Elvira Zachary and their family lived most of the year. Physical evidence suggests that the Col. John’s Cabin was built no later than the mid-nineteenth century.

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We are planning to open the cabin this Spring with a special exhibit.

More photos and information coming soon!


Moving the Cabin